“Demystifying Cosmetic Surgery Costs: Factors Influencing Pricing and Making Informed Choices”

“Demystifying Cosmetic Surgery: Factors Influencing Pricing And Making Informed Choices”   The beef in that rhetorical question made deliberately evident by the intentionally halfhearted jest; or a straight forward malignant grouse… “that hospital ripped me off completely”. These are probably the more hurtful instances I come across when people known and unknown express their resentment … Read more

“COVID-19 Response and Governance: Unpacking Lockdown Strategies, Vaccination Policies, and Societal Impact”

COVID-19 Response and Governance: Unpacking Lockdown Strategies, Vaccination  Policies, and Societal Impact (Part 2)   One thing we can grant our govt…its virtually an impossible task managing our humongous population, this seething diverse mass of mostly irrational beings. And that fact mitigates the things it got wrong What it truly got wrong, in that it impacted … Read more