Breast Lift


breast lift is a procedure where no reduction is performed in the size of the breast but the nipple is lifted and placed at higher level to form a more aesthetic apex. It is performed under general anaesthesia, you can go home the same day and you might require rest for 1-2 days.
depending on the on the amount of skin tightening required the incision might be like the breast reduction incision described above (more tightening) or if lesser tightening is required, it might be placed only as a circle forming the junction between the areola and the breast skin; in this case there could be some amount of crumpling of the breast skin just outside the areola.

For you if the breasts are sagging the breast skin is very lax and the nipples are pointing downwards

Not for you if the breasts are sagging and they are very large or if they are very small

A single day procedure done under general anaesthesia; you can go home the same day. It involves separating the skin envelope of the breast from the actual breast gland, after which the gland is repositioned in the desired location, such that the nipple is at the apex, and then the excess skin is removed, resulting in a well formed and lifted breast with tense skin.

The first two three days are somewhat uncomfortable. You should be able to resume routine activity in 4-5 days. You are expected to wear a snug supportive garment for a couple of weeks. Sutures around the nipple are removed after 10 days

Results - The breast is lifted and the nipple position comes to the apex

non-results - Do not expect the breasts to achieve an idealized beautiful shape, usually there will be a few imperfections

Are Rare and Include
1. Asymmetry when both the breast do not look exactly the same

2. There could be problems with healing of the suture lines

3. If the scars becomes very obvious

4. Alteration of the sensation over the outer part of the nipple and breast

Good - the rejuvenated firm restored breast can be very satisfying

not so good - the scar

With our modified technique, the breast gets very good projection with a nice conical shape. It also imparts excellent upper pole fullness

The only solution to any change in the form and sag of the breast is by doing a surgical procedure, no amount of lotions, massages, injections, oils or drugs can help in firming or lifting the breast