Hair Transplants


Not for nothing is hair called the Crowning Glory. And the distress that hair loss causes can be incredibly traumatizing. This procedure is the ONLY method which restores natural hair which grows, permanently, to balding areas, especially in the front and temple areas. The look is very natural because the follicular hair transplantation results in evenly distributed and not clumpy hair growth.

For You If -

1. If you are male with a receding hairline

2. If you have visible bald patches in hair-bearing areas like scalp, mustache or eyebrows due to injury

3. If constant pull on the hair has caused loss of hair from that area.

Not For You If -

    1. Your hair loss is due to a disease.

Might Not Be For You If -

1. You have lost hair extensively

2. You have thinning hair and not obviously visible scalp skin

3. Most of your hair has turned white

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia which means a few injections. it can go on for 5-7 hours, but you can take breaks and are fully conscious. hair follicles, which are minute modified parts of the skin growing hair shafts, are dissected out from the back of your head. This can be achieved by 2 methods:

1. Removing a strip of scalp skin- the strip method. this results in a thin scar on the back of the head which is not seen unless you shave your head completely

2. Follicular unit extraction where follicles are individually punched out to avoid the scar, but it has its own issues which shall be discussed later. The follicles are then grafted onto the balding areas where they start growing hair.

1. There is a slight pain and discomfort in the back of the head and the grafted areas for a couple of days along with a tight feeling for 2-4 days because of some swelling which can come onto the forehead and the eyes.

2. Tiny dark brown spot-like scabs of blood form on the grafts so that there is spotty appearance which lasts for 10-14 days. When the scabs fall the indwelling hair shafts come off which is nothing to be worried about.

3. Care needs to be taken while washing and otherwise to not disturb the grafts in their new beds for a week.

4. Tiny shoots of the transplanted follicles start showing up from 2-4 months, which then grow in tandem with the rest of the hair.

5. In some cases, there can be increased hair fall following the procedure but this usually corrects after 3-4 months.

Results -

Natural hair start growing giving you a much younger look and this is a permanent       one.

Non-Results -

      Do not expect a thick growth of hair. the density can definitely be increased with            more sessions though.

1. The most important thing you must realize is that transplants cannot achieve the density of natural hair and hence you must be willing to accept the result as less dense hair. Subsequent sessions will add significantly to the density

2. A linear scar line on the back of the head in the strip method which will not be seen even if you have hair 2 cm long.

Practically none

The way we do it, it costs much lesser, it is almost pain-free, every follicle harvested is maximally utilized. We advise that sessions should consist of transplanting a lesser number of follicles, but the number of sessions performed be more. This improves quality control (as a smaller team is easier to monitor) and survival of transplanted follicles (implanting too close actually results in loss of some follicles).

Hair implants are artificial strands made to look like hair and are supposed to be permanently remaining poked into the skin. The concept is stupid and it is generally a great disaster in most cases

1. Follicular unit extraction (fue): is one method of harvesting follicles from the back of the head, not by removing a strip of skin but by individually punching out the follicles.

2. Fue +es: no scar

3. Fue -es: lesser density, more local anesthesia jabs, not yet universally popular.

If you are a youngish male with a receding hairline who is horrified at the prospect of a bald head and is willing to instead settle for thinning hair, which thankfully grows naturally and permanently, follicular unit hair transplant is a wonderful solution for you..