Butt Enhancement


the brazilians and jennifer lopez made official what the world has always known: for inciting sheer carnal lust in a male, nothing works better than a plump, rounded, shapely derriere in a woman.
we enhance the size and the shape of buttocks using either silicone implants or autologous free fat transfer.

Fat Transfer

For you - 

  1. If the butt region does not have the right convexity 
  2. If there is sagging of the butt with age or with weight loss
  3. For contouring the butt and torso to go along with liposuction 


Not for you - 

  1. If you are looking for significantly large buttocks 
  2. If you are a thin underweight person without enough donor fat available

We generally perform the procedure under general anesthesia, the procedure involves harvesting fat from the hips or tummy or thighs, processing it and then grafting using the principles of autologous fat transfer 

The procedure usually takes about 3 hours

The buttocks get a rounder profile 

They get a youthful uplifted look

Do not expect that there will be a large increase in the size or projection of the buttocks

Do not expect that the width of the hips will change to a significant degree

There will be swelling in the buttock region and usually bruising as well.

We advise that after the procedure one should not lie down or sit in such a  manner as to put weight on the grafted area 

After the procedure one should preferably restrict activity to only essential tasks for the first 5 days and to very less activity for the next 2 days
One can resume routine activity after a week 

It is also advisable to wear a fitting firm compression garment for 10 days after the procedure

Complications are extremely few the only significant complication is some of the grafted fat and dissolve causing decrease in the results 

Rare complications can be infections, or formation of oil cysts

Good - 

No scars 

No insertions of foreign materials in the body 


Bad - 

Results are not always predictable or perfect

Silicon implants

If you desire a permanent way to get large buttocks with significant projection

Its a day procedure done under general anesthesia. We make a 5-6 cm cut within the buttock crease and create space inside the buttock in which the pre formed implant is inserted 

The procedure usually takes 3 hours

There can be a feeling of tightness, heaviness and numbness in the buttocks, it can be painful if you rest your weight on the buttocks in the lying down or sitting position 

Activities, especially sitting is to be restricted for 2 weeks at least so as not to disturb the position of the implants

The implant Occupies space inside the buttocks and increases the size and causes significant projection of the buttocks

Implants will give more of a bubble butt appearance

Swelling and bruising for 2 weeks, there can be significant discomfort and difficulty in sitting and getting up for 2-3 weeks 

There will be scars within the buttock crease

  1. Implant extrusion - if the implant is too large for the butt then the scar sometime does not heal and the implant can get exposed 
  2. Rarely Infections 
  3. Malposition - the implant position can shift rarely giving it a unnatural look 
  4. Seroma, sometime fluids can get collected in the implant cavity which needs to be removed

Good - 

Results are dramatic and assured 


Bad - 

The recovery can be a long affair and there can be significant discomfort for sometime even after the recovery 


Ugly - 

In case of any complication the implants needs to be removed and the results can be very unsatisfactory