Tummy Tuck


if anything ruin’s a woman’s confidence to look sexy and carry it off, it’s a paunch, usually left behind by child bearing. abdominoplasty or tummy tuck as it is very aptly called is the procedure we do to restore the attractiveness to a woman’s belly, one of the most alluring features of her body. there are different variations we have evolved to address the differing needs and choices of women with various circumstances and limitations so as to maximize the result and minimize the downside within those limitations.

For You If -

    1.you have acquired a paunch after pregnancy and childbirth.

Not For You If -

    1. If you are grossly overweight

2. If you are a male with a beer belly; generally not a very good procedure for males.

Involves tightening the muscle and tissue which have lost tone and have been stretched during and after pregnancy. The excess sagging skin is also removed.

This procedure is probably the only cosmetic surgery procedure which usually requires admission in hospital for about a day or two. Initially getting up and lying down demands some will power, although you are made to start walking the day of the surgery but things settle down after 3-4 days. There is a restriction of activity for a week to 10 days. Routine activity can usually be resumed after 10 days, although strenuous activity might not be possible for around 3 weeks.

Results -

In a suitable, motivated and counseled patient, the result is worth every bit of the trouble. Nothing detracts more from the looks of a woman than a sagging tummy. The tummy becomes flattered and restores shapeliness, sexiness, and confidence. An ideal patient and an ideal result.

Non-Results -

Do not expect the tummy that you had when you were a teenager, or a washboard tummy.

1. The incision scar extends from one hip to the other.

2. A new navel might have to be constructed in place of the old one as the original might have to be removed with the excess skin.

3. Some numbness in the lower abdomen.

Seroma is a collection of fluid which might prevent the incision from healing completely for up to a month sometimes. Basically, has nuisance value but not harmful. Surgeons have quoted up to 25% chances, but are less than 5% in our practice.

1. We have innovated a new technique whereby in some cases, we can do the procedure without a scar and maintain the natural navel.

2. In routine cases as well we have innovated a technique whereby the scar is much shorter and the surgical work is lesser.

3. Our technique maintains the hourglass concavity of the waist, which is frequently lost in the usual surgery

4. Our seroma rate is less than 5%. Most centers report rates from 10% up to 25%

5. We have routinely combined tummy tucks with other surgeries like removal of the uterus and caesarean sections, thus giving you the benefit of a flatter tummy without the accompanying hospitalization, anesthesia, pain or downtime and adding value to a routinely performed surgery.

 6. We routinely combine the tummy tuck with vulval enhancement.