Facial Procedure

We use a distinctive technique we have innovated to enhance lips by increasing their dimensions and fulness and make them pout a la angelina jolie. This can significantly contribute to a woman’s appeal and is much better than fillers and other augmentation techniques.

This is done only after careful counseling. one thing many people do not realize is that surgically made dimples are static i.e. Always seen in contrast to natural dimples which are usually dynamic i.e. show up on smiling.

Protruding ears can also improve facial aesthetics.

Under the jaw, we use liposuction and sometimes add a minimally invasive tape lift to sculpt a sharp and defined jawline.


The nose is the most dominating feature straddling the contours of the face and its shape, size and its proportions and harmony vis-a-vis the rest of the facial features is probably the first factor to decide one’s looks. Hence it is no surprise that a large number of people consider rhinoplasty to alleviate their concern about their looks. But, it is also the surgery where we feel, both the patient and the Cosmetic Surgeon should tread with extra caution.