"Femininity, Body Image, and Breast Augmentation:

Empowerment and Societal Perceptions"

This is the immediate and expectant query whenever there is locker room talk and an unknown woman is mentioned. Very crude, and not that I haven’t expressed my distaste for this misogynistic reaction, but boys, unfortunately, will not become better boys till they have a daughter. Girls(i prefer to call all women girls), at least a section of them, look forward (😬) to bigger shapely breasts as well;

When there’s a mirror involved, and With No Intent whatsoever to live up to that crude male expectation. Its solely because breasts are probably the strongest marker of femininity. As much as and just as, the penis is for a lot of men. and perhaps, with far more justification; after all they stand for some basic things that a woman is about: Sexuality, Desirability, Beauty, Motherhood. Of course that’s not to imply that women with smaller breasts are anywhere lesser in any of those departments, just that it’s how some women might perceive themselves.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of women in india face resistance from the people they depend on, in their endeavour to satisfy this body image need.
As far as I’m concerned, it’s incredibly satisfying to do breast augmentation on a suitable candidate; the woman should be mature enough to understand all the implications of doing breast augmentation, and should be firmly decided on the goal of undergoing this surgery. I have felt humbled, and proud, when some of my breast augmentation patients have told me that ‘i’ have changed their lives, or that i have boosted their self confidence and self esteem. I would say that breast augmentation is The cosmetic surgery with the largest proportion of satisfied patients after the procedure. so, to all those wonderful girls who take pride in being female, my bosom friends, a big thumbs up..